Here are some examples of what NOT to do!

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  1. Hong Kong Unsafe install: Hong Kong Extreme
  2. Steep roof installations (Language Warning in this video): Bad AC installation - USA
  3. Unsafe unit installation: High Rise split AC Install
  4. Long ladder install: Long ladder install
  5. Outdoor removal: Outdoor Removal
  6. Flooded AC: AC working in Flood
  7. Flooded AC 2:AC working in a Flood
  8. Dangerous High Ride AC Install 1: Dangerous AC Install
  9. Dangerous AC Install 2: Dangerous AC install
  10. Dangerous AC Install 3: Dangerous AC install
  11. Dangerous lifting: Do not try this!
  12. Helicopter Crash during AC install: Helicopter Crash
  13. Worlds Most dangerous AC Installation: Most Dangerous install
  14. Snake in the AC: Snake in AC
  15. European Method - don't do this!: Dangerous AC install
  16. Another Russian special install: Russian Dangerous AC install
  17. Why not to be a sparky: Switchboard CB explosion
  18. OHS Risk Assessment - walking on HV Lines: Risk assessment example
  19. Arc Flash - live cam: Arc Flash in switchboard
  20. Domestic Fridge Install
  21. :


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Huge range of bad installations here: HVAC Fun
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Server Room AC
Server Room AC

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Outdoor Unit


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